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EnemaBag.com covers everything you need to know about home enemas for health, all from a certified colon hydrotherapist and her team. Are you shopping for home enema equipment like enema bags, a complete enema kit, or an enema nozzle? Or maybe you’re seeking information on topics like colon cleansing and coffee enemas. Here you are likely to find the expert answers to all your questions about enemas, along with the right product recommendations to suit your unique needs.

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Along with details on all types of enema equipment, including our convenient enema bag kits, we provide thorough guidelines on how to use colon cleansing to optimize your health. Our instructional articles are based on extensive research and clinical experience. Topics include how to take enemas safely, recommended enema solutions, coffee enema information, and what ingredients to use for an enema implant.

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This website also offers information on a unique coffee enema protocol. Information includes how to find and use made-for-enema coffee, as well as educational material on preparing the enema coffee, recommended equipment, a procedure to optimize its benefits, and a nutritional practice to support the body while taking it… Learn more about coffee enemas now


When taken under the guidelines laid out on this website, enemas are safe and effective. However, situations occur where a colon cleanse using an enema is not the best answer… Learn about colon cleanse suppositories


Within these pages you will also find an enema equipment buying guide that helps you understand the benefits of different enema bags, nozzles, tubing, and clamps to find ones that most suit your individual needs. For instance, if your goal is a complete colon cleanse with a home enema series, you will find that the innovative Flowmaster Cleansing System enema bag kits offer a large-capacity bag, a fluid pump delivery system, and a retention nozzle. Buy enema supplies from EnemaBag.com, and our sister site OptimalHealthNetwork.com. We promise professional-quality colon cleansing products that match your unique needs and requirements!… View our enema equipment

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Using Fleet® Enemas for Your Colon Cleanse? Think Twice!

Colon Segment Diagram
Colon Segment Diagram

Fleet enemas do not cleanse the entire colon.

Fleet® enemas clean only the rectal area and (if you are lucky) the sigmoid area of the colon, so I do not recommend them firstly for this reason.

Fleet enema solutions pose a risk for serious health side effects!

Unfortunately, due to the broad influence of pharmaceutical companies, chemical laxative enemas are currently among the enemas of choice for most people. However, chemical enema solutions can cause serious health problems due to electrolyte imbalances, vitamin and mineral imbalances, and liver strain. This is the second reason why I do not recommend using Fleet or other chemical enemas.

On the actual product labels of these chemical enemas it states, "Since Fleet® Enema contains sodium phosphates, there is a risk of elevated serum levels of sodium and phosphate and decreased levels of calcium and potassium, and consequently hypernatremia, hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, hypokalemia, and acidosis may occur."

THINK TWICE before using chemical enemas. There are many safer colon cleanse alternatives available to you through the Optimal Health Network!

Not only is reusable enema equipment more economical and less wasteful, but it’s also as safe and sanitary as single-use enema products if cared for properly.