Video: How To Colon Cleanse: The Enema Series

Video: How To Colon Cleanse: The Enema Series


"People ask me all the time, "How do I take an enema?" I want to speak to what the goals of the enema are which will then bring forth how to do it.

You want to clear out the entire colon, from the rectal area and the sigmoid colon, all the way up through the transverse and the ascending; the entire colon. You want that all cleared out, not just the lower colon. Also, you want to improve the level of healthy bacteria and decrease the levels of unhealthy bacteria. Those unhealthy bacteria can change your appetite and make you crave things you don’t want to eat, and they can cause leaky gut and all sorts of trouble.

So through your entire life, you want to be working on the levels of healthy and unhealthy microorganisms in your colon. You also want to keep your electrolytes in your colon very balanced and you want to improve the detoxification capacities of your body. Those are the goals of the enema, and you achieve that by taking three enemas in the series.

Enema #1

The first enema in the series is just filtered water with some kind of stimulant, and the stimulant that we recommend is a made-for-enema goat milk soap. For the guys, we recommend the frankincense and myrrh goat milk soap because it adds to the colon therapy by acting on the prostate in a healthy way. We also have a chamomile and clear sage soap. So the first enema is just about clearing out the colon and doing that in the most effective way possible.

Enema #2

The second one in the series is also going to be clearing out the colon, but you’re increasing the level of therapy: you’re going to add an essential oil. The one that we like to work with the best is called Purification. It’s a blend of melaleuca and lemongrass and rosemary and a few other oils. We use that to increase the levels of healthy bacteria and decrease the levels of unhealthy bacteria. We also use a sea salt to balance out the electrolytes. It’s important to mix those two together so the oil doesn’t sit at the top of the enema bag.

Enema #3

For the third enema in the series you want to use a coffee blend, ideally a made-for-enema blend so that the coffee is very high in palmitate and caffeine.

So, three enemas:

The first one, a made-for-enema soap and filtered water.

The second enema, an essential oil blend like Purification and high-quality sea salt.

And the third enema in the series, a coffee implant where you actually hold the coffee for 10 to 12 minutes at the end.

So: one, two, three. A three-enema series designed to help you meet these goals.

You take these enemas three in a row. You should block out about an hour; when you’re more confident at it, it will take you less time. The first couple times it might take you a little more time. You do one enema after the other.

You could do this once a day or you could do this once a week or you could do this once a month; it all depends on your health goals and what your lifestyle is at the time.

If you want to know how often you personally need take an enema, you can call us any time at the Optimal Health Network. You can get a consultation using hair analysis; the hair is a great tool for figuring out how often you might want to cleanse. A stool analysis can also help you determine how often you want to do colon cleansing by examining the levels of healthy and unhealthy bacteria as well as the state of your gut immunity. We can guide you to the best frequency for you!"