Enema Equipment Buying Guide

Enema Equipment Buying Guide

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PRICE: The cost of enema equipment is an important consideration if you’re on a tight budget. The enema kits that we sell online range from $10 to $260. The wide range in price reflects features such as bag material, bag capacity, choices in accessories, and durability.

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If you are on a budget, here are two tips for using the accessories that come with the traditional and fountain economy enema bags:

*Use the douche tip instead of the pencil-shaped enema tip. These economy enema bags come with an enema tip that is too small and too hard to use as a nozzle. Use the douche tip instead.

*Use the pencil-shaped enema tip as a connector. If you can afford to purchase a colon tube with your enema bag, the pencil-shaped enema tip can be used as a connector to attach a colon tube to the hose. This will add an extra 30 or 50 inches to the hose, and the colon tube will double as a nozzle.

CAPACITY: A 3-quart to 4-quart capacity is generally ideal. Smaller enema bags will need to be refilled. We sell enema bags as large as 5 quarts.

MATERIALS: Enema bags are made out of latex rubber, Indian rubber, plastic materials, or silicone. Latex, rubber, and plastic are toxic materials. Many people don’t have a direct sensitivity to these materials, but the materials do outgas over time, which causes them to end up in the body. If you are chemically sensitive or have zero tolerance for toxins, use stainless steel cans or silicone bags.

CLAMPS: Most enema bag systems come with a standard plastic clamp that has a multi-position ratchet mechanism. Some, but not all, of the bags, kits, and systems can be upgraded with an easy-to-use ramp clamp that is purchased separately.

NOZZLES: If you are new to enema equipment, you may not be familiar with a nozzle. It’s a molded plastic tip with rounded edges that has several holes to distribute the flow of water. An enema nozzle is attached to the opposite end of the hose that’s attached to the enema bag. Most, but not all, enema bags come with an enema nozzle. You will need an enema nozzle or a colon tube to take an enema. Nozzles and colon tubes can be purchased separately. There are many choices. Colon tubes have rounded tips that double as nozzles. Colon tubes also add an extra 26 inches to the standard length of hose that comes with most enema bags and can deliver the enema solution deeper into the colon.

HOSES: Hose length is a consideration for ease of use. A longer hose allows you to set up your enema equipment so that you can more easily find a comfortable position to take your enema. Some hoses are translucent so that you can see the enema solution flow from the enema bag into your body. (You can also add a Flowmeter, which allows you to monitor the flow of your solution.) Always make sure your enema system comes with the needed tubing connectors.

PUMPS: In-line pumps add a therapeutic edge to any enema system. These innovative enema tools will deliver the solution deep into the colon, gently pushing past any blockages. People who use this type of enema hose and pump system report less cramping, less leaking, and a therapeutic cleansing similar to a professional colon therapy session. The Higginson Syringe and the Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System are in-line pumps.

EASE OF CLEANING: This feature is an important consideration because mold can accumulate inside a bag that’s not dried properly. Ease of cleaning is also an important consideration if you intend to use implants such as essential oils. Oils need to be cleaned off the interior surface of your enema bag after each use. If the enema bag has a wide opening, you’ll be able to reach inside to clean and dry the inside surface.

We recommend using grapefruit seed extract (GSE), a natural disinfectant, to clean your enema equipment.

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