Seven Reasons to Try Our Made-for-Enema Coffee


Seven Reasons to Try Our Made-for-Enema Coffee

Colon Segment Diagram
Colon Segment Diagram
  1. Our coffee is certified organic. Your health is our greatest concern, and by using organic coffee we ensure that no chemicals have been used in the growing, shipping, and roasting of your coffee. Organic production also helps the grower communities by ensuring a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Our coffee has a low acidity. Using a low-acid coffee is crucial because the coffee is being implanted into the sensitive tissues of the colon. As a matter of fact, our coffee is also an excellent choice for drinking, too.
  3. Our coffee is air-roasted. Traditional drum roasting adds cancer-causing agents to your coffee. Air-roasting does not add smoke or flame to the roast. Air-roasted coffee means that your enema coffee has significantly fewer carcinogens in it than any non-air-roasted coffee. Be sure your enema coffee is air-roasted.
  4. Our coffee is higher in caffeine and palmitic acid. These two therapeutic elements are used by the body for an effective detoxification. Never use a decaffeinated coffee for your coffee enema.
  5. Our coffee is fairly traded. When you buy fair trade coffee for your enemas, you are not only making a decision to benefit your own health, but you are making a larger decision to benefit the health of the entire planet. Fair trade coffee supports living wages, safe and healthy conditions for workers in developing countries, and sound ecological practices, such as reforestation. The health of the planet is connected to your health.
  6. We offer whole-bean and ground coffee. When you use the coffee enema for healing the body, you want its therapeutic ingredients to be fully intact. As soon as you grind your coffee, these therapeutic elements are diminished. Ground coffee maintains its therapeutic kick for only about two weeks. For this reason, we now recommend that you buy whole-bean, made-for-enema coffee, grind the coffee just before you brew it, and immediately use all the coffee that you grind.
  7. Our special enema coffee is included in our convenient coffee enema kits.

Coffee enema kits, as well as our made-for-enema coffee, may be purchased from our extensive product website.

Enema Coffee from La Finca Santa Anita

Kristina Amelong of the Optimal Health Network discusses her trip to La Finca Santa Anita, a coffee cooperative in Guatemala that supplies coffee to the Optimal Health Center through Just Coffee.