Video: How To Take A Coffee Enema

Video: How To Take A Coffee Enema


"Hi, I’m Dee Dee Delcamp at the Optimal Health Center and today we are going to talk about coffee enemas.

Coffee enemas can be the least expensive and best tool for healing your body. We can use it for detoxifying, taking away pain, helping to heal from cancers; people use them for multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, and general well-being also. I hear many times of people using daily coffee enemas and they feel much better, they feel less toxic, and they heal quicker.

We recommend a made-for-enema coffee such as the one we provide here at the Optimal Health Center. This is a special coffee that is high in palmitate, high in caffeine, and very low in acidity.

Many people are under the understanding that you start with a coffee enema or that you only take a coffee enema, however the way we recommend doing a coffee enema is in a series. The coffee enema is the third step in the series that we recommend. We recommend two cleansing enemas before the coffee enema; this clears the colon of all stool, which makes the coffee enema much more effective in detoxifying and healing.

You can learn more about those two cleansing enemas on our website and also We do talk a lot about the enema series in our April 2011 newsletter, which you can find in archived e-news.

My client has had two cleansing enemas and we are now ready to administer the coffee enema. So, first thing we do is we take our equipment and make sure that the clamp is shut tight. I’ve already prepared our enema coffee and I’ve diluted one cup the enema coffee with another cup of water to start out. That’s a good way for people starting out with coffee enemas, to start with a cup of coffee (brewed) and a cup of water (filtered).

And now we’ll pour it into our enema bucket. Enema buckets are a great way to do coffee enemas because they’re easy to clean. We have this enema bucket hooked up to an IV pole, but you could also hang it from a doorknob or a towel rack. We’ll raise it up several feet above the body. I’m going to try to get as much of the air out of the tube as possible by allowing a little bit of the fluid to run down.

We want to lubricate the nozzle very well. Today I’m using our Super Salve, which is a very healing, soothing salve which uses a lot of natural oils and essential oils and herbs. You may also want to lubricate your anus a little bit before insertion.

Today I’m using a clear silicone hose which is very handy because you can actually see the flow of the coffee coming through the hose. I’m also using the ramp clamp, which is very easy for people to use one-handed. It’s very handy when you’re giving yourself a coffee enema. I’m also using the extra large green flex tip nozzle. The larger head on it does help to keep the nozzle in place in the rectum and also tends to help prevent leaking.

The client is ready to go and I’m going to start opening the clamp very slowly and let some of the coffee liquid in. You want to do this slowly to prevent any cramping or pressure. Then periodically throughout, you want to stop the flow for a few seconds to a minute and then start the flow again. That way the client’s body has a chance to accept the coffee.

To make coffee enemas I generally recommend that you start out with 1 tablespoon coffee grounds to 1 cup of water. I make it with filtered water and our made-for-enema coffee. I’ve been diluting the brewed coffee with one cup of filtered water, so you would use one cup of water and one cup of brewed coffee. Make sure the temperature is around body temperature, up to about 103°, which will make it the most comfortable going in. If you do not have a coffee maker, you can boil water, put the grounds into the boiled water, and then let it steep for about 15 minutes. You want to then drain it using a filter; we recommend using the brown filters.

Periodically you may want to have yourself or the clients roll onto their back. Sometimes this can help with any pressure felt with the coffee. If there’s any cramping this allows you to do a little massage of the belly. I’m just going to do a little massage; you can do this for yourself, also. Start lower and then work up a little higher, trying to disperse that coffee and take the pressure off the lower colon. You can also let a little more fluid in as you go.

Now that the coffee is completely in, you want to stay lying on your back, or you could lie on your left side if you’re more comfortable. You’re going to want to lie here for about 12 to 15 minutes to get let the coffee do its job detoxifying your body. Once that 12 to 15 minutes is over you can go to the toilet and you can empty what is left.

For any further questions you may have about how to do coffee enemas or how to make coffee enemas, you can refer to the coffee enema bag. On the back of the bag, we have instructions on how to make them. Also, you can refer to the April 2011 newsletter that we have on our website,

Many people take hot coffee enemas every day, but if you would like to know more about how to take coffee enemas for your body I suggest doing the hair tissue mineral analysis testing, which will give us more information and allow us to give you more guidance and recommendations individually."