How Often To Take Enemas

How Often To Take Enemas

Regular colon cleansing with home enemas for general health maintenance can be a very effective lifestyle choice for many.

Of course, there is no single prescription for everyone. A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a useful tool which gives you a picture of what toxins are stored in your body and what toxins you need to remove. Using the hair analysis on a seasonal basis will help guide you to the colon cleansing program that will most suit your detoxification needs.

More information on how to detox is available on our product website.

If you don’t choose to utilize the hair analysis, know that most people find that after an enema experience, they feel much better. It is this renewed vitality that is your guide. Keep it in mind. As soon as you find it diminishing, give yourself a series of enemas. You’ll find that in doing this, you might feel better instantly. And, if you find that you don’t feel better after a colon cleansing series, take a break for a period of time.

Colon Segment Diagram

Because colonic peristalsis* occurs only intermittently (one to three times per day), unlike the continuous rhythmic contractions of the small intestine, the colon cleanse can be used safely and with regularity without disrupting a healthy peristaltic rhythm.

* Peristalsis: successive waves of involuntary muscular contraction passing along the walls of the colon, forcing the contents onward

In my clinical work, most people benefit greatly from cleansing their colon at least one time per month. Some people find that an enema series taken more frequently, up to once a day, is a vital tool in achieving particular health goals and/or maintaining an overall feeling of well-being. If you are chronically ill or working through a therapeutic program which involves a significant lifestyle change, you may find that taking an enema series up to once a day is essential. The most important thing is to listen to your body when determining the enema frequency that best serves you.

I wish you good health!
Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

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