Effective Enema Advice

Easy and Reliable Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of the Enema

Research increasingly shows that colon health promotes overall well-being

It is commonly thought that taking an enema can clear out only the lower colon. This is absolutely not true! You can cleanse the entire colon using an enema.

To take an enema, you will need the right enema equipment, enough water and enough time, and the proper additives for your filtered water. In other words, for a complete colon cleanse, you should not use a commercially prepared enema; you should not use a small enema bag lacking the proper tubing, clamp, and nozzle; you should not use an enema solution lacking therapeutic additives; and you should not take your enema quickly.

To cleanse the entire colon with an enema, deliver the enema solution into the first half, or beginning, of the colon — the ascending and transverse colon — where "stool" is still liquid.

In order to deliver the enema solution to these parts of the colon:

Enema Bucket

Use a 5-quart enema bag or a 4-quart enema bucket. Three to four quarts of solution may be necessary to reach the upper colon. Because of this, you will want a large-capacity enema system for easy access to this amount of enema solution. (Not everybody can hold this amount, so don’t force it, causing pain!)

Smooth Flow and Bulb Syringe

Use a silicone smooth flow system. This pump fluid delivery system helps to bypass the lower part of the colon by pulsing enema solution deeper into the colon. For many this is an invaluable part of their enema system.

Ramp Clamp

Use a ramp clamp. This is the easiest-to-use tubing clamp for best control of water flow. Go slowly as you deliver the enema solution into the colon. Try as little as a 1/4 cup of water every 20-30 seconds, or less. If you add water too quickly, you will stimulate peristaltic action in the sigmoid and the rectum, making it nearly impossible to get water into the deeper colon.

Enema Nozzle

Use a hands-free nozzle. Any of the inflatable nozzles or silicone colon tubes work well hands-free. Having your hands free from the work of holding your nozzle to assure that it doesn’t fall out of the anus gives you the capacity to easily work with the enema clamp and the Smooth Flow and Bulb Syringe and to massage the belly while you’re taking the enema. Massaging the colon in a backwards motion can help move the enema solution deeper into the colon.

Frankincense Essential OilUse additives in the enema water. These include Celtic Sea Salt and essential oils. Sea salt, used in the first enema, helps to match the enema solution with the colon’s electrolyte levels, making it easier for the colon to take in all the enema solution without stimulating the colon to expel the added contents. Essential oils, used in the second enema, help to soothe and heal the colon. Essential oils to use are OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend, frankincense, and the citrus oils. To learn more about using the essential oils in the colon, view our video, Essential Oils and Colon Cleanse.

For your third fill, take a coffee enema. When you deliver coffee to the colon, you increase blood flow. Increased blood flow to the intestinal tract improves the el imination processes within the colon. And, given that all of our blood passes through the li ver every three minutes, the 12-to-15-minute coffee retention enema results in a form of dialysis and a uniquely effective detoxification.

Enema Coffee

More colon cleanse tips:

Make sure your enema solution is quite warm: 98° to 100° F (36° to 38° C) is best. Cold enema solution prematurely stimulates the colon to try to expel its contents.

Give yourself 30 to 60 minutes for this entire colon cleanse process.

Once you "feel full enough," or have pain for more than a few seconds, or simply must let go of the enema solution, sit on the toilet as long as you feel you need and empty the contents of your colon.

Take 2-3 enemas in a row or an enema series. Once your body tells you that it has taken enough enema solution, sit on the toilet, empty the contents of your colon, and repeat the process.

To learn more, view our video How to Take a Large Volume Enema.