How Often Should I Take Coffee Enemas?


How Often Should I Take Coffee Enemas?

For people with cancer, the Gerson protocol involves daily coffee enemas, one every three to four hours.

As part of a detox program that does not include combating cancer, we recommend taking roughly one to two coffee enemas per week.

For both cancer patients and those free of the disease, Gerson’s suggestion of taking more than one coffee enema on the same day is wise to follow, because the first enema series only pulls toxins from the colon and not from the small intestines. Remember, the therapeutic action of the coffee enema is on the gallbladder and liver. The ensuing increase of bile which is dumped into the small intestines needs time to pass into the colon, where it then needs to be eliminated. Taking a second enema series four to six hours after the first can be crucial to pulling from your body what was dumped into your small intestines previously that day.

When the coffee enema is needed, there is a very clear experience of improved wellbeing after taking it. Once the body is well detoxified, once the bulk of the healing, regenerating, rebuilding, and weight loss is accomplished, once the efficiency of the organs of detoxification is restored, then the need for the coffee enema disappears. At that point, the coffee enema can still be used from time to time if a specific need arises. For instance, the coffee enema could prove useful when one eats unhealthy food, does a spring cleanse, is experiencing high stress, or is quitting smoking.

To monitor the removal of toxins within your body, use a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA).

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Special note: Because the coffee enema stimulates a dumping of bile into the small intestines for excretion, it is recommended to use a binding agent, such as China Chlorella, to assist the body with complete removal of toxins, twenty minutes before the coffee enema is taken.