Enema Implants

Enema Implants


Enema coffee, coconut oil, and other safe enema implant products are sold through our extensive product website.

COFFEE ENEMAS. It is now held by many health practitioners that any program that encourages healing, regenerating, rebuilding, weight loss, and detoxification is a healthier program when coffee enemas are used. Learn more

OIL ENEMAS. There are oils that can be used to lubricate the stool as well as provide nourishment, and thus healing, to the colon. Olive oil, butter oil, and coconut oil are nutritious and promote bowel movements. They cost more than mineral oil, but they offer healing to the colon and not potential harm.

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN ENEMAS. Vegetable glycerin is derived from coconuts and not to be confused with glycerine suppositories, which are derived from petroleum. Vegetable glycerin used rectally tends to work in 30 to 60 minutes to increase pressure in the colon and stimulate peristalsis, thus creating a bowel movement.

Enemas, using healthy solutions such as quality water, nourishing soaps, essential oils, and coffee, serve as strengthening exercises for the colon. The enemas stimulate the colon to vigorously exercise while evacuating itself multiple times. The result is a great increase in muscle tone, acceleration of peristalsis, and eventually, after several repetitions, a considerable reduction of transit time. Additionally, colon cleansing done in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle program may bring about overall health.


MINERAL OIL ENEMAS. Mineral oil is used in enemas to lubricate the stool, which then often allows the stool to slip out of the colon. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum.  Mineral oil enemas are potentially unsafe for enema use because used internally, mineral oil has the ability to be absorbed by the colon. Once in the body, mineral oil goes into the liver, via the colon, as coffee does. Mineral oil depletes and poisons the liver, pulling out oil-soluble vitamins and minerals which are then excreted into the feces. Mineral oil enemas, done regularly, will lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Mineral oil is popular with drug companies due to its low production cost. Mineral oil is the leftover liquid of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil, and because it is abundant, it is very inexpensive. In fact, it is more expensive to dispose of mineral oil than to package it for consumer consumption.

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