Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Program

Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Program

Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Program

The only home enema equipment for a complete colon cleanse from rectum to cecum

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Our state-of-the-art Flowmaster Cleansing Program will bring you the same cleansing and healing results as you would receive visiting a colon hydrotherapist. This safe, inexpensive, and effective in-home system delivers solution higher into the colon than a standard enema set-up, gently pushing water through any colon blockages.

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By following the expert guidelines on our DVD entitled Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, and Colon Tubes DVD which is included in this program package, you will be able to clean out the entire colon, easily and without cramping or leaking, and without the expense of numerous colon therapy sessions or the bulkiness of a colon board.

Colon Segment Diagram

The key to any complete colon cleanse program is the amount of water that you deliver into the colon and how high this water is delivered.

The water needs to be delivered not only into the rectal/sigmoid area of the colon, but also into the descending and transverse segments of the colon, and even the ascending and cecum areas. It is the water reaching these parts of the colon repetitively that allows the entire colon to be stimulated and thus fully empty.

If you take only 1 cup to 1 quart of water into your colon per session, which is what many people practice, you will not be effectively stimulating the beginning parts of the colon to encourage release from the cecum or ascending colon, or even the transverse colon. With our clinical experience at the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin, we have developed a set of guiding principles that allows you to cleanse the entire colon with an inexpensive enema system.

The first principle to understand when your goal is to clean out your entire colon is that you will need to take a series of enemas (three enemas taken consecutively) and that you will need to develop a bit of skill to use enemas to fully cleanse the colon.

To learn these skills, please see How To Take An Enema, or view our DVD video, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, and Colon Tubes DVD, and/or our two downloadable videos, Small-Volume Enema and Large-Volume Enema.

Welles Step

You will need a 3-quart to 4-quart enema bag in order to deliver the enema solution into the ascending colon. You will also need to use either a retention nozzle or a colon tube and a fluid delivery system, which are all available with our Flowmaster Cleansing Programs.

At our health center, we have found that sitting up while emptying the colon provides more support for a full evacuation of the colon.

When using enemas for a full colon cleanse, it is even more beneficial to add a Welles Step to your program. This product is economical, easy to use, and easy to store.