Video: How To Take An Enema

Video: How To Take An Enema


"Hello. My name is Kristina Amelong and today I’m going to demonstrate a large-volume enema. The reason I’m going to call this a large-volume enema is because my client Judy is going to take 1½ to 2 quarts of water deep into her colon. She’s already had a small-volume enema that has cleared out the rectal and sigmoid area. Now, the large volume enema is going to allow the water to go deep into the colon, up the descending, across the transverse colon, and down the ascending colon.

So, let’s go find Judy and remember that this is her first large-volume enema, ever.

Because this is Judy’s first time having a large-volume enema, I’m going to teach her how to set up the bag, how to set up the solution, what sort of position to get into, and how to take the enema.

First of all, we have the bag. This is an open-top bag, which is the easiest bag to clean and to use. What you always want to do is hook up the tubing to the bag with the end farthest away from the clamp. You can always remove the clamp, too; it hooks up really easily.

The reason that Judy’s having an enema today, a large-volume enema, is because she’s on pharmaceutical medications that are causing her to have constipation, which is a real common side effect of drugs.

Before we fill the bag, we always have to be sure that the clamp is shut tight. I’m going to pour in this 2-quart bottle, eight drops of peppermint essential oil, and I’m using filtered water through a reverse osmosis system at about 100°. Go ahead and put all this water in here.

We’re going to hook up this end of the bag to a chair. You could use a chair, a doorknob, a shower curtain. This is about the right height. You don’t want it too high, so that the pressure of the enema is too great, but again you can always control that with your flow clamp.

Now, it’s really important that you get all of this air out of the hose, so I’m going to open the clamp really quickly and let all of the air out of the hose. See that?

Now we’re going to put the nozzle on, so I’m going to have you lubricate the nozzle using Super Salve, which is very therapeutic to the anal area. That’s good; mostly just put the lubricant around the head of the nozzle and then lie down on your right side. You might want to have your clothing off of the pad so that, if you leak, your clothing doesn’t get wet.

Perfect! And then pull the front leg down so that you’re slightly twisted onto your front. And now, go ahead and find your anus and slide it right into the rectum.

Perfect. And you can go ahead and let go. That will not come out. And grab the clamp.

What you want to do now is let the water into your body. And now, clamp it. Perfect. And in this way, we’re going to use this whole bag of water.

Our goal is to use the whole 2 quarts. We may only use 1 1/2 quarts. Okay, go ahead and let the clamp go again, and you let me know if at any moment you have any pressure or cramping.

Go ahead and clamp the clamps down a little bit harder. Perfect.

Another thing you might want to do is you can go ahead and set that down and go ahead and rub your body on the left lower left-hand side. Great, wonderful.

Any cramping or fullness?

Go ahead and let another… We’re letting into a cup to a half cup of water at a time and in that way the lower part of the colon can respond to the water, let it in, and then pull it deeper into the colon.

Perfect. No cramping? Good. Go ahead and take in another cup.

You can see that the nozzle is not falling out because there’s a bulbous end on that flex tip. The extra-large flex tip does an even better job. Also the retention nozzle’s fitted so you’ll never have a problem with the nozzle falling out or leaking.

And there you can see she’s letting in another cup or so of water. Go ahead and close it up now. This is a snap clamp, white, and works real well. Easy to use. There’s also a ramp clamp that has even better function and is really easy for closing the tubing off.

Any fullness or cramping at all? No? Wonderful?

Again, by lying on her right side, she’s letting the water go deep into the colon easily.

Go ahead and push that down real hard. Great.

The height of this enema bag is about perfect. It’s just a little bit above her body, as much as a foot. You just want to make sure that the water is allowed to go out of the bag into the body without much backflow. You could have it a little bit higher; on your towel rack, for instance, on your shower curtain. Taking an enema in the bath on your back is also a great position to allow for the person taking the enema to be fully relaxed.

Great, you’re doing a great job.

Remember we did do a cleansing enema — a cleansing foam syringe enema — before this treatment so that she could easily take this 1½ to 2 quarts of water. That’s an important part of this large-volume enema which lets her clean out her entire colon.

We’re down to about 1½ quarts now. Any cramping or fullness? Any pressure? No? Great.

I’ll just restate that the key to taking a full volume of water is to clamp, then unclamp, wait 3, 4, 5 seconds, clamp. And then massage, rest, take some deep breaths. It looks like she’s having a little cramping, so she’s taking some deep breaths. That’s good. Take a deep breath and just relax into it.

So, that cramp that she had just passed through breathing and not putting any water in any longer. There’s about 1 or 2 cups of water left in there at the most and when you’re ready, you can just drain that entire bag.

Just taking some more deep breaths as there’s just a bit of a teeny bit of cramping.

At about this point, we’re about empty so go ahead and clamp the hose, and what I want you to do… I’m going to grab a paper towel, and you might want to have one handy before you get going.

Go ahead and take out the nozzle. Do it as slowly as you need to: some people find that the nozzle in makes them feel fuller so they want to take it out right away; some people leave it in for a while because they’re nervous about leaking. Either way is fine.

She is leaking a little bit, so go ahead and put that nozzle right here. There you go.

Now, it’s good to hold the water for 1 to 5 minutes just to let a little soaking action help you to clear out the colon. She may have been able to take 2, maybe 3 quarts even, but given that this was her first enema we started with 2 quarts.

Now we’ll finish here for a moment and let her go to the toilet.

As you can see, that was a very successful enema using this 2-quart easy enema bag. I would recommend that she gets a 3- to-4 quart enema bag so that she has access to extra water next time, or she could fill up this bag a second time after she’s taken that amount of water, the full 2 quarts.

The point that I want to make now is that you need to talk to your medical doctor if you want to embark on a cleansing program like this. Also, if at any point during treatment you have excessive cramping, stop and wait a day and do the enema the next day. And do feel free to contact me if you have any questions about taking your enema, your full large-volume enema.

Cleaning the bag is important. You want to clean this out with a non-toxic soap and hang it upside down to dry. Clean your nozzle well with soap, and also I would go ahead and soak your nozzle in grapefruit seed extract for maybe 20 to 30 minutes after you’ve cleaned it with soapy water. Then make sure that there’s no fecal matter within the nozzle; using a pipe cleaner is a great idea to push out any stool that is lodged in there.

To learn more, please do view my movies, All About Enemas and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, and Colon Tubes, which you can find on my site: Also, my new book, Kristina Amelong’s 10 Days to Optimal Health, will be coming out soon.

Please do keep striving for optimal health, and contact me any time if you have any questions."