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Enema Products: Bag Kits, Buckets, Cleanse DVDs & More

EnemaBag.com offers a selection of hydrotherapist-designed, professional enema kits and products in partnership with our sister site, OptimalHealthNetwork.com.

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Complete Colon Cleanse Kits

Our colon cleanse kits provide everything you need to get started with enemas at home. You’ll find our specialty enema bags in multiple sizes, and various nozzle-types to fit your personal requirements. We even offer an enema bucket kit, plus our Smooth Flow, Higginson-style hoses. LEARN MORE

Easy Enema Kits

The beginner enema kits for sale at Optimal Health Network are perfect for getting you started with at-home colon cleansing. Simple to use and easy to clean, these enema bag kits come in 2- and 4-quart sizes, with your choice of flex-tip nozzle, silicone colon tube, or flexible inflatable retention nozzle. LEARN MORE

Enema Education Videos

In addition to our free instructional videos, we developed a premium educational video series including enema DVDs and downloadable content. Learn everything you need to know about how enemas work, what types there are, when they’re beneficial to use, and how to administer them at home. LEARN MORE

Made-for-Enema Coffee

Along with our sister site, OHN, we source a unique blend of made-for-enema coffee. Our coffee is organic, fair-trade, and air-roasted. The blend of coffee beans was chosen to offer optimal levels of the key detoxification agents that make coffee great for colon cleansing. LEARN MORE

Enema Nozzles

Here you’ll find enema nozzles and tubes for your unique body and requirements. They include flexible-tip nozzles, silicone colon tubes, and Delrin enema nozzles, all in several sizes for a perfect fit. You can even find inflatable retention nozzles that give you greater freedom to move without leakage. Finally, you’ll find some of the best insertion aids, including Super Salve, an all-natural lubricant full of antioxidants. LEARN MORE

More Products

Implants, Additives, and Solutions
Silicone Colon Tubes
Inflatable Retention Nozzles
Tubing, Connectors, and Clamps
Enema Accessories

Buy colon cleanse products at our sister site, OptimalHealthNetwork.com, for a
comprehensive selection of high-quality enema equipment and supplies!

Complete Colon Cleanse Kits
Complete Colon
Cleanse Kits

Effective in-home colon hydrotherapy using our original enema kits

Easy Enema Kits
Enema Kits

Economical home colon cleansing for the novice, with nozzle options

Enema Videos
Enema Videos

Successfully cleanse your entire colon and optimize your health

Enema Coffee

Unique coffee enema protocol with our own made-for-enema coffee

Enema Nozzles
Enema Retention Inflatable Nozzles

Comfortable and effective enema nozzles, colon tubes, and lubricants

Enema Implants and Lubricants
Implants, Additives,
and Solutions

Therapeutic solutions and implant equipment for your colon cleanse

Colon Tubes
Colon Tubes

Latex-free designs that deliver enema solution deeper into the colon

Bulb Syringes
Enema Inflatable Retention Nozzles

Hands-free enemas nozzles which are helpful in preventing leaking

Enema Tubing
Tubing, Connectors,
and Clamps

The accessories you will need to complement your enema bag or bucket

Enema Accessories

Miscellaneous items that enhance your at-home enema set-up